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Vih / Hnz Joint Venture

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VIH Aviation Group and HelicoptersNZ finalize joint venture to deliver world-class offshore helicopter services in Australia


VIH Aviation Group (VIH) with head offices in Canada, and HNZ Group of helicopter companies with head offices in New Zealand, are pleased to announce their joint venture to specialize in the provision of offshore helicopter services in Australia and its coastal regions.


This joint venture brings together the expertise and resources of two of the world’s most respected and longest operating full service helicopter companies, to service the rapidly growing offshore oil and gas industry in Australia. “VIH Cougar is globally recognized for its superior all weather, deep water, offshore capabilities developed in North America, while HNZ is renowned for its full range of advanced helicopter services in New Zealand and Australia,” said Mr. Norie, owner of VIH Aviation Group. “The combining of our two brands, our expertise and first-class people and resources, will create a top-tier operator, focused on providing offshore helicopter services in Australia.” VIH thru VIH Cougar Australia Pty, Ltd. and HNZ thru Helicopters (NZ) Limited are the two shareholders in Helicopters (NZ) Pty, Ltd.


“Through the joint venture, we will be expanding our new technology fleet to include the Sikorsky S92 helicopter, the Eurocopter EC 225 helicopter and additional Augusta AW 139 helicopters,” said Mr. Hubbard, owner of HNZ. “We are positioning ourselves to provide the best offshore helicopter services in the region.” Helicopters (NZ) Pty, Ltd. is an existing Australian company that holds a CASA commercial air carrier license and currently provides services to Woodside using two new AW 139 helicopters in Australia’s North West offshore oil and gas region.


The company will be based in Perth Australia and will provide a full range of services in support of Australia’s coastal and offshore oil and gas activities including, passenger handling, flight following, passenger movement, cargo services, aerial crane services, aerial surveillance, emergency response, air ambulance and search and rescue services. Additionally, Helicopters (NZ) Pty, Ltd. will repair and maintain all helicopters associated with its operations. In the coming months, VIH and HNZ will rename their company to incorporate the HNZ and VIH Cougar brands while establishing itself as a prominent player in the marketplace.


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I like to see all these great reactions to the Kiwi post...no one getting all PO'd!!


Hughsey...nice try to stir the pot!! good ol canadian sense of humor prevails!!


buy the way, how are ya buddy, I must say you are a Kiwi?Ausie LOL I would work with any day...except for bird towing :lol: got a job for me yet?

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