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New Class 1 Instructor In Canada!

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Now it's done, no more flight tests, no more hassling (except when I do it), raise my nose higher, the list goes on and the ego is getting bigger :up: :up: :shock:


Not only that, but PPC'd as well at the same time!! :blink:


Just wanted to brag...


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Hope it is only your ego getting bigger.....your gut certainly can't :P:P


They gave you a raise early you must not be working in the aviation industry any longer then. (something like your old employer hey :blink: )


Congrats buddy!! Well done!! ;)

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I've actually had a slight "gut-shrinkeage", and working at'er too!


Forking hard though, particularily after quitting smoking! :up:


But the EGO RISE, the all important ego rise...


Actually, just like any other rides, it didn't feel any different, other than the relief of being done :D

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