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Where Are The Jobs?


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I was just wondering if anyone knows where in Canada are the hot spots for AME grads/apprentices right now? It's so frusterating having all these companies ask for experience when no one will hire someone without any to gain experience. It's really horrible. What to do?


Any response would be greatly appreciated



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lol... thanks ####, might try out that red paper thing


It says on certain government sites *cough* that most of the AME employment is here in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver area) and that just doesn't seem to be the case. I don't know how many emails I sent out today, and I only got 3 replies back, 2 saying they aren't hiring at the momment, and one wants a resume, so I really have my fingers crossed. Its hard to determine when the right time is, sometimes companies say that their busy season is in the summer while others say its when things slow down. I really hope someone has an opening real soon.

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Guest graunch1

Keys to getting a job


1. Have a short resume with NO spelling mistakes

2. Arrive early for an interview

3. Dress up for the interview- the guys working in the hangar might look like ****'s Angel rejects (certain airline name excluded :D ) that doesn't mean you can go to an interview looking like same

4. Have a resume with NO spelling mistakes

5. Research your company - don't go to Acro and ask them what type of jet they are flying

6. Have a resume with NO spelling mistakes

7. Ditch the face hardware

8. Get a haircut

9. Did I mention NO spelling mistakes??

10. Be prepared to go anywhere


Good Luck :up:

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Graunch 1's comment # 3 can't be stressed enough I remember when a well qualified AME came looking for a job. He was wear a dirty T shirt, torn jeans and it had been a few days since His last shave,His resume went directly into the round file after the interview.


:elvis: :elvis:

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I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. A senior AME looking for short term work, endorsed on BH47, 206 series, Gazelle, H500, S58T, As332C, AS350B2,B3, B4 etc, etc, :), Experienced QA Insp for a Cdn helo mfr, have all of the old licences, M1,M2, S , P, component o/h etc

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