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Bob Cameron [standard Aero]


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my sincere condolences to you and your family, rick... :(

Bob was one of the originals who trained on the Allison 250 from the time of it's roll out and guided SAL as the engine matured and became the prime power plant in the Canadian Rotor Industry. He was a mentor to countless engine techs and a no nonsense freind to most Canadian Operators. SAL had a virtual mononply on this engine in Canada for many yeras and Bob was one of the guys who made sure the customer was treated fairly. One of the best on the R&O side of our Industry.

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Sad news indeed :mellow: , Bob was the instructor for my T53 course in the mid 70's.

By far the best course I have ever taken.

For the old timers out there, Here are some of the people who worked for or with Bob.


Alvin Hickey, Tony Kennedy, Wayne Bond, Jurgen Funke, Jerome Gau, Cam Woods, Travis Lien, Mike Guntner, Corky Gropp, Lewis Levack, Rod Boresky, Matt Cawker, Dave Kepler.


I know there are many others but I think most of us have had at least one of these people help us out of a rough spot. I know all of them respected Bob. Alvin Hickey has told me some good stories of the early days as a service rep and the one guy who always came through for him when he was deep in the bush was Bob.


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He will be missed, a gentleman. First worked with Bob in 1970 when came up to Prince Patrick Island to do a hot end, -65F and never missed a beat. FFFFFF*&%ing cold. If you knew Bob

On the Allison course he always said the Govenor should indicate between the two eeeees in Speed. Biiiiiiite it Hickey is another quote.

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Bob was a wonderful guy, gave me my first 250 course in the mid 70's was I was at Kenting and was always very helpful to me when he was at SAL and I am sure all that knew Bob would concur. My condolences and sympathy go to you and your family. I understand how you feel having lost my wife of 22 years to cancer earlier this year after a 12 month battle with cancer.


When you have a moment can you please let me know when and where the service will be for Bob?


Once again my personal condolences, sympathies, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during these trying times.


If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.



Kim Hards



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