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206 Down In Ft. Nelson?

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although it might be nice to reduce the fleet of 20,000+ hour 2x6s!!! I always carry a lighter for just such an occasion! [thumbup.gif]


Why in the world would you want to do that?????

Don't you know the older the airframe usually means it's also lighter?!?? Sometimes much lighter!!!!!!

The age of a helicopter doesn't mean sh-t if the maintenance is done in accordance with manufacturer's specs.

I dare you to find a newer JetRanger under 1650 lbs or a newer Astar under 2700 lbs!!!!!

It's true that older A/C look and sometimes feel like crap but that's just a reflection of the owner!!

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I have to agree that a converted A model with the small dash is much lighter than a factory BIII. Although I've never considered the older aircraft to have maintenance issues I have seen quite a few that leave much to be desired in the paint and finish department. They don't all get overhauled as often as Highlands!


I have flown one of the recently crashed helicopters in recent years and she was a beauty inside the cowls but had 10+ year old paint and plenty of treeplanter dings on the outside!! The other one I believe was still in NMH colors! :shock:


Fly safe!! B)




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