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I'm Outa Here

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Hi all


I am out of here! I’m headed up to Yellowknife. I don’t have a job up there or a place to stay when I get there, but I can’t wait around here for a job. Maybe someone up there will adopt me. If nothing happens in a month then I will head south a bit to Foreskin John or GP for a while and see what I can find there. So just a fair notice; if you are an operator or do the hiring for one, I am going to be parked outside of your hanger….it is your choice whether I am on the side of the hanger that you park your cars or the side you park your machines. I’m going to be there though.


I have to go pack my tools, tent, cold cereal, and bug dope now. Wish me luck.


Apprentice :huh:

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Hey Frickin, you should be able to find something up there, between Yellowknife and Hay River you should be able to find a job.


DND also has a SAR detachment in Yellowknife (Twin Otters), check it out and keep in touch.


One day you will be a Frickin Enginhear.



Cheers Don

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Frickin Apprentice, make sure you stop by every operator on your way to Yellowknife and introduce yourself to the D.O.M.

They might not have anything for you at the moment but they will remember your face when the time comes to hire someone.

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Thanks for the advice all


I am in Penticton now. The car is in the shop. Nothing to do but lay on the beach and watch the student pilots wobble around while they do hover work at CYYF. Tomorrow the car is out of the shop and I will be off to Mount Robson Provincial Park. Then on Sunday I will head up to Grande Prairie. I’m going to poke my head into some hangers there…see what everyone it up to. Expect a phone call if you are in Grande Prairie early next week. If nothing comes out of that then I will make my way up to Yellowknife. Well I am going to go back to the beach and look at some bikinis…err…um I mean read over some of my notes from school. Take care all.


Apprentice :huh:

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