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What Makes A Good Instructor?

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You comment my disire to maintain a min speed of 60 is wrong, but also complain when a pilot goes too slow at 40, could you clarify? Should we do a recce at 80 maybe 100? It's contradictory statments like this that show "your" lack of experience!






How much time do you have in this industry, you yappy little *******?


Not much, I expect.


I have 18K+ on helicopters and 4K+ on F/W.


Which would include 18,000K+ VFR/IFR on Bell 47,204,205,206,212,214B,214ST, 407, SK55P, SK55T, SK58P, SK58T, SK61 (L&N), SK76


Yap on, you little punk!

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Well old Dog


you are right, I am only a lowtimer, don't know any thing, and should learn my place. There is no dought I have had a few black eyes and a couple of bloody lips from talkin when I should have been listening.


But you are the one who started talkin s h it, not me. Your comment regarding my low level of experiance was not justified.


You posts on this subject have been contradictory. You complain about guys going 40 or less turning down wind, but call me a punk for saying they should go faster, I'm not the smartest guy around(which you so clearly stated) but please explain, is it don't go so slow or go a little faster, I could have it backwards!


I'm not sure who you are, but your resume looks impressive, way more numbers than mine! But if you ever want to talk to me like that again please include your PH#, mine is 604-626-2788, give me a call and let me know how you realy feel! Your mouthy comments were not called for!! Hopefully one day we can get together to discuss all those !@#$%^&**(*&^$#@! in your comment.


Have a good one, keep your stick on the ice big rig!


Oh and by the way, I was trying to make a point, we should teach students to do a recce at 60 so they don't turn down wind at 40 and p i s s off some some old dog later on in life!


My post regarding 60 was a responce to a question as to why we should teach climbs and decents at the same speed, 60 is the speed for lowest rate of decent at all times and best rate of climb, lowest rate of decent in auto, simply the lowest power setting for everything! Sorry but I can't change that! A new student has to start somewhere, why not teach them the safety that comes from proper speed control so they dont have to abuse collective power!



Oh and one last thing, !@#$ You!





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Take it outside, guys. Or to the phones. Whatever. I appreciate everyone who contributed thoughtful comments to this thread, but it's gone too far off-topic, and is now CLOSED. If you'd like to share your observations on what makes a good instructor, drop me a line at elan@verticalmag.com, and I'll forward them on to Kevin.



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