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Yes, Flapwing. Bruce and Dan and I all flew in the Army (not the Air Force) together, and he preceded me instructing at Rivers, MB. Great guy, stood up for me.   Bruce was quite prominent in the de

Posted Images

For your viewing pleasure... some pics from my Quasar days 1981 - 84



I like the second cockpit picture which I assume is a 205. Little hard to tell with all the add-ons ;)

ADF, HF/SSB, DF Homer, A couple GNS 500 indicators etc. all scabbed into and alongside the pedestal. Reminds one that avionics has not only improved but more can be done with smaller boxes and modern displays.


I doubt if this little package would make thru TC today B) . I remember working on the same type of HF in the 206 where it was mounted upside down or sideways behind the inst panel. Ugh!

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Kramer said:
I like the 205 with the NOTAR conversion. Story?

 While picking up a net full of drums the spar which on further examination had been cracked for some time let go in a big way. Pilot who was Pat Quail was ok. 

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