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Hey Rainman, you better listen to what the Vertical boys are saying, they are never full of S*#!T :P All truth and good advise there let me tell ya, taught me everything I know about moving drills. Hauling Shakes is the most fun you can have in a 500, would never give the opportunity up to try something new. Hey isn't moving drills and logging the same thing, only with drills you use the powder meg to take down the trees instead of a chain saw, eh Vert Ref :lol: Oh and Princess is drinking Cervesas and getting burnt to a crisp down here. Boy I hate paid vacations.


Later Amigo's :up:

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Homo Boy George,


No wonder you suck so bad at rippin drills then. Just kidding there ace! :lol:


What the **** is a "powder meg". :huh: ! Yes, used many a times to "open up" a tight pad or make a shot point bigger! Gotta love the big steel box!


Where did you find internet down there? Plug into a cactus or what?


Keep an eye on princess, don't want him to be mistaken for a local or a "poco burreto"


Was i right about the Senorita Calenties or what?


Have fun and stay outta trouble!!! if ya can!

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HBG, wish I was in Cervesa land myself. Was there this winter and wish I could work for a while there, But...


Was flying alongside the Kamov today on a film job and, well, let's just say it's like the first time you got into flying. That excitement and ambition. It's all there man. That's one **** of a machine, sounds cool too.


Those guys make the 250ft line look easy as anything.



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Da ... sorry Rainman,


after re reading the post I realized you had already posted the names.....


"now were did I place my meds"....hmmm


if you see Mr. Savidan, kick him in the **** for the boys out here playing for the east coast team :up: :up: :P

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