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Confined Areas

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The new edition of the Flight Training Manual will describe a reconnaisance according to "what is done operationally".


If there's anything you guys think should be in there, let me know and I will pass it on to the people concerned (this is NOT official! I'm just making sure I cover the syllabus properly)


It will not be low level and downwind!



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1. Will she fit in the hole?


2. Can I get out of the hole with they boys?


3. Where is my tailrotor and what will it be doing in the hole? (hint: chopping brush is bad)


4. Okay, find the hidden power lines before you find Waldo.


5. Your A-hole is the boss, if it starts to pucker up and grab the seat, you are downwind and should likely go around and start at #1 again.


6. If you are in the mountains and your coffee mug is bouncing around the cockpit and you are near inverted while crossing a ridge... It's too windy, go back and refill the said coffee mug and stay there.



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When I am reconning a confined area (i.e. an area too small to fit-in another helicopter, or to turn around the tail) I look at the spot and "picture" my helicopter in the hole......to see if it fits, of course. I'm sure most of you do this too.

If my helicopter "fits" the picture, I look for something distinct that will be just outside my window once I'm on the ground, e.g. a rock, stump or log.

Then as I approach I look at that object (as my peripheral vision scans the perimeter) and ensure my helicopter lands exactly where it was in my recce picture.

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good points , also if I am using this spot more than once , build me a pad strong enough to sit down on and big enough for the winy 212 pilots , then I know I wont have any problems , lol

also , I try to have a good look at what is around me so that when I come up out of the hole , I have a idea where my departure path is going to be just incase you never know ,,,, well thats 2 cents


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