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It Could Happen To You

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Well, as dry as it was I wouldn't have tried to hit the "bull's eye" with the first drop and wouldn't have hovered over it for starters. I'd have come in on the move and wet down the immediate surrounding area. The pilot should have known that if/when you hit the target "bull eye", that the sparks are driven outward and cause you more grief unless that bucket of water is much larger in proportion than the fire. One dump wasn't goin' to put that fire out with that bucket in one drop and what happens while he's away gettin' another one?


I'll "cut the pilot some slack" on this one and figure maybe it was too many onlookers, TV cameras and he a had a bit of "stage fright". If that's not the actual case, then I'd say the whole thing happened from inexperience because it's written all over this scenario otherwise.

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Take it easy with the CP comments,....You know what everyone thinks of Class 1 Instructor's eh????


Like Cap said, some slow fly overs would of done some good, Vs the lets hover, get the bucket swirling, and try for the Bullseye...Funny!


Thank goodness for those ground crews...

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I'd like to assume that the driver just had "a bad hair day". Could be that he's an ace, but funny things happen to normal people when TV cameras start rolling sometimes. His poor luck was to have it captured on film. I've had some days when I should have stayed in bed also.

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