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Canadian Aviation Expo & Europa Kit Aircraft

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For the homebuilders or future builders in southern Ontario, the Europa kit aircraft

factory folks will be attending the Aviation Expo (Canada's largest aviation

show) this weekend on June 18th at the Oshawa Airport, with a tri-gear demo

ship. With luck a local builder will also fly in with his fine turbo monowheel example on the Saturday.

I'll also be there in the booth with a short wing as it comes from the factory as an example.


Since the factory rarely attends a Canadian show, I thought it might be of

interest to fliers in Ontario who have not had the good fortune to attend

Osh or Sun'N'Fun.


Cheers & blue skies,


Europa builder with both short and long wings


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Oh well, I thought he was serious. :-)


For Canada, I'm not aware of an exposition larger than the annual one at Oshawa for GA. Definitely not on the same scale as anything in the US, but it's about right for the 10% pilot ratio. At least most of the recognizable names attend the show and there are indeed quite a few folks flying in for the event if the weather is good.


Is there actally another non-military or purely commercial aviation exposition in Canada somewhere?



Pete :-)

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####...those little blue pills sold over the internet are to be taken with care...by taking 6 a day all the blood is seeping from the skull into the other end leaving a vast void that can only be filled with a good brand of (name your poison).




I hope Uncle Bob's back forty can accommodate a few more airyplanes 'cause rumour has it the Uncle Chuck from the wet coast will be in attendance with his PBY-5A


And Abbotsford's airshow is an overrated, over priced...same old thing every year.



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Hey Twinnie, a friend and I might be going to that one. Assuming we can convince the higher-ups to let us go. :lol: It's supposed to be a reasonable airshow. I know they've had the B1 there. Saw it take out the fence at the Aeroshell in YYC when it tried to leave to go home. :shock: I'll let you know if we get clearance for the trek.

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