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Texan Hog Cull

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Sorry for hurting your feeling Hello Bird But I will state it once more Heres my offer "Have gun will travel".



PS I will bring my own Bullets




No need to apologize FREDDIE. Fill your slaughterhouse boots.


I tend to take 100% responsibility/accountability for my feeling/s (and thoughts, actually) so you don't actually have the all powerful ability to hurt them. Or me.


I've had a few tail gate parties, gun in hand, myself. "F-ing A". (insert Whiskey Howl / hand formed into punk rock devil sign & pitch forked to the sky, here.). Up in "The Wastelands." I just enjoy the critical thinking skills challenge of thinking outside the generic, white, Wonderbread box, so to speak.


I also appreciate being able to debate with someone who can see it for what it is. You seem capable of that.

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