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Vertical Ref Work

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No offence Blackmac but I think you're way out to lunch in this one!


Power has absolutely nothing to do with succesfull longlining (assuming you're lifting an appropriate load given the a/c type).

Example, you're lifting 1000lbs with a BA and your load is all over the place, you couldn't even hit the West Edmonton Mall on a good day!!!

You land, switch over to the B2 or better yet, the B3 and try with the exact same load, by your logic, the load suddenly stops swingin and is as stable as a rock?????? I don't think so!!!


Technique is most definately the answer. And that means practice your *** off every chance you get!!!!!

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Power is the answer in longlining and not pilot teqnique.

I'll step up to this; Technique IS everything. Not just pulling bigger loads but managing the power you do have. Finness is the goal on the line, smoother-better=the more we can do with the machine, at the same time much easier on the maintenance costs and overall life of the equipment. Also, I really don't want to do a tour on a machine after someone has demonstrated the power is everything theory. I wondered why no one was supporting your association-thing? Now I know.

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Boy you turkies really like to pump smoke up each other's a**s hole to try and make yourselves feel like exceptional pilot's, get real.


Bell 204/205 with max internal load, you can do pedal turns at 100' to pick out a landing site.


Same helicopters at max external load and I don't give a **** if you have a 100' or a 10' lanyard you will not be doing any hovering and positioning the load wherever.


So all you super dupper pilots tell me what is the great technique required of a pilot in longlining other than practice and common sense that most pilots that are still flying, have.


You guy's are begining to p##s me off with your holier than thou attitude.


Did anybody see the Bell 47G2 slinging the top radio antenna on the CN Tower??


For your further elightenment the (stupid) the association does not belong to me, if you are so smart maybe you would realize that I am only the sponsor and where it goes from here, is, sorry to say, is up to people with your small mind.


Have a great night and try to come down from the heavens.


Cheers Don


PS: Jajr, get some time in, I've got more coffee break time than you have flying time in this industry. That of course was for a laugh, but probably true.

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I don't even know where to start. I mean, how bloody old are you? I have two kids that don't get on with the kind of crap you do.


You are the most annoying figure to ever grace this forum. Your constant BS, whinning, personal attacks and pointless drivel never end. I honestly think it was YOUR appearance here that has dragged this forum down to where it is now. It used to be a lot of fun, very imformative and was a GREAT medium for meeting some really good people.


Now all we see are attacks and never ending pointless agruments. (I won't even start on the internet stalking - I have never seen anything like that.)


I hardly ever look in here anymore and I know others who don't waste their time here either.



Please find something constructive to do with your time.

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At the risk of offending someone other than Blackmac, who we know will take offense, regardless, it sounds to me like we've got an 'apples to oranges' discussion going again, if not plain semantics problems. Surely no-one disputes that, with enough power, we can handle any damned thing and technique be damned. When we're marginal for power, however, (it does stilll happen once in a blue moon, doesn't it?) technique is certainly going to matter - 'little' things like avoiding vortex ring come to mind. Aren't we into the difference betweetn horseing a log off the hill and finessing it? B)

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Can't agree more Mag, once again Don has shot himself and HEPAC in the foot again.


BTW with Your post frenzy today are You trying the take advantage of 407's fire preoccupation to pass him on the post leaders??


:elvis: :shock: :elvis:

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The only thing that went downhill is theamount of beer drinking in Alberta...after you left! People once again don't realize that alot of us know one another in here from past and present employers. Alot of inside jokes and jabbing! Good clean fun...I can take it, cause I can give it too...


Hey, everyone lets have fun.......People, lets not get too serious..

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