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Hanger Fire


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Machines are replaceable, people...not so much. Glad no injury or death transpired in this truly unfortunate event. Sorry for the loss pilot5; hope the cause is determined soon and rebuilding even sooner.

You put it very well, TQN, as usual! And I can talk as the owner of one of the lost R44s.

BTW, not 4 R22s were lost, merely two R22s and two "homebuilt" Dynalis. I quoted "homebuilt" as the "home" was our very own AMO.

No need to assume things about the fire origin, there are experts who do that better than us. I can at least tell you that only people outside the aviation community may see any benefit in this event.


Now it's gonna be a huge insurance battle, especially for the under-insured helicopters, not to mention tooling and other personal goods in the hangar.


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Last Tuesday, I was on the hwy 20 and I saw the 2 hangars down. I was upset when I realized that was the one where you had your R44. I was just hoping I was wrong about the place. I'm sorry for your lost. Courage pour les mois a venir.



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Well from any tragedy comes a silver lining! In my case learning how to deal with the insurance folks. When a aircraft is completely incinarated in a hot fire 3500+ degrees everything melts into a blob of metal. Although the AC is gone, the business paperwork, logbooks, and all the paper, manuals, specialty tools( some hard to find) melt too! :(


I soon realized that insurance companies are like banks.. they hate giving way there money and make every effort to stall the process. Loss of business insurances a big expense but is it worth it without the supporting documentation in tact?


I would highly reccomend to any company out there to invest in a fire proof safe! It is well worth the investment. Or keep copies else where, and backup everything on computer off site!


As it where, life is returning to normal slowly!


Fellas do not leave personal items like GPS's helmets,headsets and other stuff at the office hanger! Its a ***** to get money back on these items too, keep receipts of everything personal. When it comes to a claim you need proof of everything.!!


I would not wish this on anyone any time!



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