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String Or Ball?


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so the machine i train in has both string and ball..............


differing instructors opinions' on which is better..............


am throwing it out to you fine people. can you tell me which you prefer and more importantly....why??


many thanks...........



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Hey 412,


The only aircraft I've flown that has a string is the a-star. Are there other aircraft using this high tech piece of gear?? :blink: Even when they had an inclinometer (a ball) I always preferred the string. If you were gonna fly a 355 IFR I would use the inclinometer just to keep my head in the game and at night you wouldn't be able to see the string.


My $0.02. B)




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Teach your students both! Like the previous posts, the Eurocopter product goes with the string, and the Bells, like the ball. I mostly fly Astars now so I prefer the string, eyes outside the cockpit looking forward, glancing at the string for minor corrections. The ball in the dash works well too, since your students don't know what they might fly, give them the full meal deal!

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French helicopters fly in generally a right skid low attitude unless the cabin is heavily loaded. Thus the reason there is a string, do not use the ball as it is only for inadvertant ifr. Bells should be flown by ball but a string works as well if there is a handy little antenna on the battery compartment to tie it to.


Bottom line, the ball is sometimes off depending on type the string is right always. As well the string works to give a wind indication amazingly well, saved my life more than once, especially in the astar as she can be a lieing ***** downwind.



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And if you read Cuclic and Collective, you'll get the answer!


The aircraft is not quite in trim using the ball, therefore I prefer the string! Try to do a climb in the 300 using the ball, then without changing any settings, go to the string and see what happens! The rate of climb increases with 3 or 400 feet pr minute. (that is an INCREASE with the use of the newfie tale!)(Yarn) :up:

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Wish I'd gotten here earlier so I could have been seen to be 'right' for a change. But I've always been an adherent of the string. The ball, for reasons already mentioned, just isn't as reliable. Have also wished it was on the mediums but, as someone implied, if I can't fly in trim by now, maybe I should try something else. B)

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