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Intrawest / Fortress

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See on the news that Interwest defaulted on loans and everything is for sale. Does that mean that Alpine is on the auction block with rest of the assets?



Alpine is owned by CMH, Canadian Mtn Holidays, nothing to do with Intrawest thankfully.

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Here's my understanding of it......


Intrawest owns Alpine Helicopters, Alpine Aerotech, CMH Heli-skiing, Whistler Heli-skiing, and various ski resorts such as Whistler, Blackcomb, Mt Tremblant, and many, many other properties.


Intrawest is owned by Fortress Investment Group from New York.


When Fortress purchased Intrawest a few years ago they borrowed a ship-load of money to pay for the deal.

They then made Intrawest liable to pay back a bunch of that loan, as well as Fortress paying back the rest.


Intrawest missed a loan payment last December. Restructuring/payment talks are still ongoing.

One of the banks that is owed money has threatened to auction-off parts of Intrawest to recover some of their losses.

Some analysts think this is just a threat to encourage more repayment negotiations.


With the upcoming Olympics, naturally Whistler was named as being a prime asset to be auctioned.......especially if this is just a posturing threat.

However, we can assume all of Intrawest's assets could potentially be put on the auction block, depending on what will recover the most cash for the lenders, if this is more than just a threat.


Intrawest sold some ski resorts in the US and Europe last year to raise some cash for these loan payments. I believe some of their other ski resorts would also be "on the market".....except there are very few people that want to buy a ski resort during this tough economic era.


Therefore, I'm sure that Intrawest would also be interested in an offer from anyone to purchase other assets, (such as Alpine or CMH).


As the old saying goes, "everything is for sale,.....for the right price"


What better time could there be to pick-up a great helicopter company and its 40(??) ships ???

Call Intrawest, Fortress, or their lenders and make an offer !!!


P.S. Don't forget to bid really low.....it seems to becoming a habit in our industry lately.

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The Whistler/Blackcomb Franchise is definetly the Flagship operation having done operations at most of the resorts mentioned. I would say if I was a banker looking to aquire assets in lieu of payment that would be the one I would go after.


Will it change any thing going on in the Day to Day ops, Unlikely


Although heard the Visitor levels pre olympics are much lower than normal due to visitors expecting masses of people or maybe they heard about the Landing fee's ;)


Maybe Fortress should not have lent all that money to Michael Jackson but who expected him to pass away!


hmmm Micahel Jacksons estate Including monkey, ferris wheel, Neverland Ranch, or multi billion dollar Ski resort with plenty of real estate in one of the most desirable locations or at least sought after in north america outside of Uranium City SK :P


But I could be wrong DSL

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The problem is not all Fortress. Lehman Bothers lent Fortress the money to purchase Intrawest, which includes Alpine, CMH, Alpine Aerotech and Kachina in the states. Lehman is in the tank for almost $1 Trillion. Thats right Mr. Evil ONE TRILLLLLIIOOOOOON DOLLARS. They are the ones who are going to drive this and if the right offer comes along, don't think they would hesitate to sell. We should start a new thread, what color do you think the Red, Grey and White will end up??? Perhaps White, Green and Yellow?

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