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Long Lining Snow?


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Ya i saw that too last night. Cranes and looked like an Astar as well. It very well may be some of the most expensive snow ever for a sporting event, but I for one am looking forward to the olympics.


It may cost us lots in the long run, but I am going to enjoy the Olympics for what they are... a grand spectacle of sport. Seems that a lot of supporters at the start are nay-sayers now that they know the games are gonna cost real money lol. Just quit whining and enjoy the experience.



Wish I was up there slinging snow instead of making whoosh noises when I fly my couch everyday

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VANOC spokeswoman Renee Smith-Valade. "If we should need a little bit of extra snow at Games time, it's there."


Asked why snow couldn't have been trucked in from a closer mountain, Smith-Valade said organizers needed the "right snow."


"We had to get the best, cleanest snow," she said. "We wanted pristine white snow."



CBC is reporting the bale count at 1065 so far.


Let's also remember the warm conditions before the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies at McMahon Stadium, where white sand from B.C. was used to simulate snow because it was guaranteed not to melt. With a warm chinook, snow also had to be moved around the Canmore Nordic Centre and snow-making machines were forced into overtime at Nakiska prior to the games.

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