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Foreign Heli Cpl Conversion


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Dear all,


I am a 4000hr Helicopter pilot from Australia. Mainly 206 time. I have an Aussie CPL, 100 hrs IFR, 200 hrs night VFR, low flying endorsement and a few others. I understand that I need to do the airlaw exam and pass a flight test before qualifying for a Canadian licence.


I would like to make myself employable in BC. Do I have to do a mountain course? How many hours would I need? Is there anything I have missed that I would need?


Does anyone know of a recommended helicopter flight theory school that can lead me through the theory and flying that I need to pass the exam?


And finally, if anyone is looking for a pilot in about August then I could me your man....



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I think chinook helicopters in abbotsford could help you out. A pilot from McDermott just came over and got his canadain liscence from there. I think they can do american liscences as well, but i'm not totally sure as i just fix them. With the hours you have, I would suggest coming over sooner as the season is going strong and good ol transport canada is famous for draging its heels.

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You need to complete the complete CPH written and a flight test with Transport Canada, other than that there are no requirements. May I suggest one or two hours to see where canadians operate differently, and the coulhane written test books for the helicopter course, these will help you pass the test.


If you don't believe me, do, cause I did the same not too long ago.

(we do offer the training as well) :up:

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