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Don't Try This At Home Kids

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That was just another day at the office.....actually that was a good day at the office!


Bluebird up top, easy landings all day...can see the ground and the runway easily through the 75' layer of fog on the way in , drop down in a creek where fog is less and you have more lateral reference with the side slopes....####...thats almost a perfect day!


If you think that was bad dont ever try heli skiing unless you have boots on and are sittting in the back....

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At the start it looked worse than it was. When he entered the fog you could still see down to the creek so, in my opinion, it wasn't that hairy.


Flying in the mountains produces may days like that. It's not ideal, but it's a reality.

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If you never flew in conditions like that, you would never ski. Looks pretty typical. I know an old timer who when asked by the guests about what would happen skiing if you flew into a cloud would answer it this way. "you don't fly into a cloud." The guests didn't like that answer because they want to hear all about that "pilot sh*t" (as "Goose" once said). His reply when they enevitably asked again was "you don't fly into a cloud." I think because he has made it to be an "old guy" that is pretty good advice. Stay safe.

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