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Close Calls

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Not sure if this story is true or not.. kind of a war time urban legend.


A Lancaster maintenance crew was working one day on the machine. At some point, during an engine run, but while the engine was at low idle, an engineer walked right through the prop arc, grabbed a tool, turned around and walked right back through the prop arc. nary a hair on his head was touched.... so the story goes.


Anybody heard this story before?


A close call if it's true.


Heard the same story regarding walking thru the prop on a Harvard.

For you young guys that's the a/c with the big round engine-usually painted ugly yellow ;) unless it's Bud Granley's

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I have a good one for you guys, this happened to me- Early 1980's, about 2000 hours PIC at the time. (I should have known better)


Had a flight to a mining camp for grocery delivery with our JetRanger. I loaded the back seat up with the food, sample bags, and other odds and ends. As I climbed into the pilot seat, my one year old female Blue Healer pup stared at me through the chin bubble, ears up, ready to come along. Feeling guilty, I hopped out an since I had a meat order in the back seat, loaded Rover into the co-pilot seat, fired up and away we went.


Rover decided that the floor was more comfortable than the seat, as Healers often do, so she slid down onto the floor. As we flew through a 9000 foot pass, the ground dropped away to about 6000 feet and as Rover looked through the chin bubble, decided that this was not a good place to be. She tried to crawl onto my lap, under the collective, as I went rocketing upward (as much as a 206 does) at near 100% torque.


This was not a good position to be in. As I tried to push her back onto the floor, she pushed harder to get into my area. (Healers are tough and have big heads) I had my left hand pushing down on the collective, cyclic between my knees, and right hand trying to push Rover back onto the floor. I finally got her fat head back an she immediately decided to jump on the co-pilot seat and head over top of the collective for another try to get onto my lap. This was a better position to be in and I just did a simulated hydraulic off landing in the mountains (with 30 lbs of healer on the collective) and relocated Rover into the back seat with the bacon. Luckily my customer didn't see this performance.


Lesson learned: never take your dog in the front seat with you, and if you have to, make sure you don't have a 5 year old or so male Blue Healer as a pet.





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Dogs just don't like being in helicopters...had a front seat passenger holding the dog and when we got going the dog went nuts..was all the owner could do to hang onto it til I got on the ground...baggage compartment...thank you...and when you go to let the dog out of the baggage compartment...its a good idea to shut the thing off as the dog will run right under the tailrotor..oh yeah...had visions of that thing leaping into the rotor :rolleyes::o dooh!!!!

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