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Canadian Helicopters requires additional S-61 Pilots on our Afghanistan contracts. These helicopters operate in Afghanistan, providing the transportation of supplies, U.S. Mail and passengers from a main base of operations to Forward Operating Bases throughout the country. Other details include: 28-days on duty, 28-days off duty (travel during off duty time) rotation; attractive salary; annual bonus.


• Duties and responsibilities as per Part 1, Section 2.16 and Part III Section 1.8 of the COM • Duties of a Company Pilot


• Current mountain experience;

• Current slinging experience; vertical reference experience an asset;

• Instrument experience considered an asset;

• 2-pilot experience required;

• Eligible for international travel;

• Screening for a ‘secret’ level security clearance required (non-Canadian citizens and Canadian non-residents must have a secret or interim-secret security clearance that is acceptable to the U.S. government).


Ideal candidates should have the following ADDITIONAL experience:



• Valid Canadian Airline Transport Pilot License – Helicopter (ATPL-H) with 61 endorsement; 2-pilot experience required;

• MINIMUM 1500 hours total helicopter;

• MINIMUM 100 hours Pilot-In-Command


First Officers

• Valid Canadian Commercial Pilot License – Helicopter with 61 endorsement req’d; 2-pilot experience req’d;

• ATPL-H or HATRA exams written and passed in the last 12 months

(PIC) in the last 12 months;

• MINIMUM 50 hours S-61 PIC;

• MINIMUM 500 hours total helicopter


Contractor earnings (approx): Captains $235,000*; First Officers $150,000* per year (including all

Posting Period: October 1 - 15, 2010 bonus’).


*NOTE: This is a contractor position. Candidates must be willing to resign their full time position & benefits (no leaves of absence will be granted). Candidates must be willing to set up an incorporated company and invoice the company for their services. Renewal of your contract is subject to favorable performance and the renewal of the company’s contract with USTranscom.

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212 requirements are basically the same and same pay.

Also looking for engineers, but I haven't seen an official posting on that.


Don't wait for job postings, if you are interested apply now. There are LOTS of pilots and AMEs in the queue so if you are interested, and qualified, apply!



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Don't wait for job postings, if you are interested apply now. There are LOTS of pilots and AMEs in the queue so if you are interested, and qualified, apply!





What are their actual requirements for 212 engineers? I'd heard 5 years on type. That rules a lot of guys out. And do they accept a TC recognized 212 course, or is a Bell one the only thing that will do?


Not looking to go, I'm in a moral commitment with my current employer, but I'm curious.

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Quite a good read. He is a good writer and I agree that anyone thinking about going there needs to do their research. This is not like going up north.

I agree. A good part of that has been written earlier in this thread


Too many people, pilots/engineers/etc, show up in these locations first and then realize where they are.


I remember the new-hires in west africa getting off the plane, looking around, and getting right back on. That isn't as easy in a war zone.

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