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Night Engine Failure

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Strangely enough, I thought the same thing as sling. LOTS OF PLACES TO LAND in almost any city that I have flown over, parking lots, roads, parks, etc. Doesn't say how far he was from the airport though. Many contributing factors here that may not be easily seen, including the public view that the police helicopter had a malfunction! Also, maybe the flight manual suggest differently than land immediately. I know the AS 350B2 has some strange things for there t/r gearbox, maybe the EC 120 has a different situation for eng. Chip than is normal.


I am glad no one got hurt. Hope they figure out what the problem is and that they deal with it.




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A) it's winter, only places big enough to land off airport are going to be soccer/baseball fields, which aren't going to be lit....cause it's winter.


B)Parking lots aren't bad, but do you want to be effing around looking for a good parking lot where the lights poles are 15ft apart? Nah go direct to the airport


C) if you would have done the above, you might end up in some god awful hover height, then had you an engine failure, snag a line, a pole? Ever read report on all the EMS accidents in the states? Try shooting that confined into a intersection/parking lot, with a chip light staring you in the face.


D) if you going back to the airport, you get it in gliding distance, atleast you'll have a familiar environment to auto to if the stove quits early rather then whyte ave


But again....how far from the airport were they when it happened? pretty easy to critique from here safe and sound on our couches.

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" "


The pilot made a good decision. The Quote is for you sling you make me speech less and after you post my neck starts to ache from head shaking.


Yeh I know spelling problems



That's nasty FREDDIE to the point but harsh

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:mellow: Jeez....the intelligence shown on this thread......wait a minute......this website, is "overwhelming". :rolleyes:


Hey "sling"....are you a good representative, of what, "flight crews are like", in the eastern side of our country??????


French Canadian or not......you are just a "great example", of what a real "a$$hole", is all about! <_<

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Guest plumber




Wow...now theres the super pilot steeling my quotes!!!<

Is your big ego finaly going down...Bobby?

Leave that bottle alone....and now!

It's obvious you had two much once again. :down:


That guy has more experience in one tour than you have in your life buddy. The only dump I smell are your posts.


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Had something similiar happen years ago in a 407...no engine failure...but was going to be one...the day before...flew for 4-5 hrs and had to return home at night...1 hr flight...full moon...in the winter...we all know how well you can see with moon shining on snow...had copilot..no passengers...the next day..had flown for nearly 5 hrs...was heading home when I got an engine chip light...I was 2 min from the airport...at 2000 ft above the ground..I climbed up another 1000 ft and continued into the airport...now I have had lots of chip lights over the years and you have to treat each one with the respect that they deserve...was fully expecting the stove to quit...there was no roads were I was and the lakes had not really frozen that well ...also I have seen engine chip lights go out with power changes...not this time..light stayed on til I got her on the ramp and shut down...still on....had this happened the night before I would have been looking for a place to park...on a road...gps's are great for finding roads...but the pucker factor would have been high..roads mean powerlines...and there was nothing but black down there....as it turned out my buddy from standard aero helped me pull the engine apart and the # 4 bearing outer race had broken in half..he fiquired she wouldn't have run for much longer...407 #4 bearings are to all have been replaced by now...we had this bearing go again with the new bearing about 3 years later...we pulled the engine when we started getting metal on the lower chip plug...they had to pull the bearing out and cut it open...it was falling apart again :rolleyes:

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I believe some of the people on this board need to blow some steam off. I wish they would do it outside somewhere by taking a walk or something but not gang up on an another board member.

When you read back the posts it seems like some people were just waiting for a chance to attack, ambush the guy.


I am glad some other members offset the really low quality of answers by responding with some honest responses


Sling had a legitimate question, comment, in other forums (aviation) you should have seen how many times that question was asked about the Cougar S92 and commented over.


That exact same question is ask to trainees during our annual training when I simulate an engine/trany chip. "How come you are not landing in this nice field here instead of trying to fly back to the airport etc etc" Of course the situation in Edmonton may have been different.

but in the debriefing you discuss the matter.


That same exact question is asked to me behind closed doors by young pilot wanting to know what to do if this situation shows up because THE BOOKS SAYS LAND IMMEDIATELY/LAND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.



We know close to nothing about this incident, at the end it turned out allright happy for the persons concerned.





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Edmon-chucks municipal airport is in the middle of the city, for those who have never had the privilege of visiting the city of champions. If they where within city limits, the airport wouldn't be far away.



Sling its "Land as soon as possible" at the first suitable landing spot. Not crash into the wal-mart parking lot at night because you have chip light.






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