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They Jump From The Helicopter Before Crashing


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The pilot (59) and his passenger (63) jumped from the helicopter just before it crashes. Because of the fog, the pilot had to fly very low altitude in the french alps. No one was injured.


Rough translate from this link. Sorry, could'nt find it in english. Maybe somebody can help. Thanks.



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From Google translate:



It is a bit banal story coupled with some form of miracle, which took place Sunday afternoon in the Drome. The pilot of a helicopter, 59 years old, and his passenger 63 years have indeed been spared by jumping from the aircraft just before it crash.

The incident occurred around 15:30 for a flight between Megève (Haute Savoie) and Valence (Drôme).


According to police, the driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle due to heavy fog, forcing visibly flying very low. The two occupants of the aircraft then jumped from the helicopter shortly before it crashed a bit further down the mountain Serre-Montu, near Valencia.

Their fall was cushioned by a "blanket" of snow over a meter thick as France Info, the pilot and his passengers were left without much damage. The pilot, went alone to seek help, took one hour before crossing skiers. Firefighters, alerted just before 17.30, have been able to intervene quickly.


The passenger was slightly injured, feeling back pain and chest, but would that really suffered from the cold. According to the Dauphine Libere, was hospitalized in Romans and an investigation was opened, assigned to the brigade aviation Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs to determine the causes of the accident








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Thank you for helping.



Updated news, translated using a translation program and copy/paste in here.

They did not in fact jump out of the aircraft as previously said.




Two persons who performed link Megève (High Savoy) - Valence (Drôme) in helicopter, on Sunday afternoon, survived the crash of their apparatus on the mountain of Serre-Montué. But contrary to the first information, both passengers did not skip (jump out) the device (aircraft) before this last crashes.


According to France 3, the helicopter hit a fir in fact, indeed owing to mist, near the station of Font of Urle, in Drôme.

The pilot, 59-year-old, and his 63-year-old passenger went out unharmed. " They had to fly very low because they did not fall of very high ", explained the first lieutenant Rey, fire departments of Vassieux-en-Vercors, on the Internet site of the Barber. The pilot, the party the only search assistance, finally crossed skiers at the end of one hour. Alerted a little before 17 h 30, the firefighters fast found the passenger, who suffered from cold and back and thoracic pain, but was only lightly hurt.


According to the Liberated Dauphiné, it was hospitalized in Novels in party and an inquiry was opened to determine reasons of accident.

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I recall seeing a short clip of an Air America pilot who dove out of his Bell right before it ditched into the ocean. Fortunately he wasn't injured, and it was certainly amazing to watch.



Just go on youtube and try "Saigon evacuation" Vietnam 1975 you will see plenty of those.


I remember watching it on TV.


Now if we put the "politics", "emotions" etc aside and look a those videos from a educational point of view you will see different ditching procedures used by Pilots and the results, also what it did to the aircrafts once it hit the water, it is an eye opener


Some stayed with the aircraft all the way in the water and some jumped out in flight.





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there is another clip where you can see them push a chinook off the edge. I know they didn't have the space but man what a waste!



In the grand scheme of what they dumped and left behind the value of a Chinook is miniscule, or to coin a term "Mice Nuts"

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