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Hi again troops.


In keeping with my new image of a reformed member of our hallowed industry I am about to get Kyle to make some changes to my web site.


As it is, I think the site is really top notch, however we ( kyle and I ) are going to make it even more interesting.


As most of you probably already know I have worked for the French Flying Ledgends org. since 1996 and we have flown all over Africa and South America shooting film for the TV series Ushawia that was so popular several years ago on TV.


Anyhow I spent several days with my employer in France on my last trip and he gave me a short movie made for our up coming round the world trip that will be sponsored by several Government agencies. I am sending a DVD to kyle and he will put it in the web site. It was made by TF1 and is really top notch stuff.


Also there are some stunning pictures that Kyle will add to my site.


You will all be impressed with one taken in the Senegal river in North West Africa where we are taxiing right beside a street and it looks like the wing will hit the buildings...that and many more.


Anyhow I'm still not un jet lagged and just got an e-mail that I am booked out of Vancouver for Amsterdam on the 21 st. so I can start all over again.


Anyone ever hear from CTD?


I put insurance on my motorcycle today, I am going to ride it this summer even if for only a few days.


There how was that for a post?


By the way, my web site is for pleasure only it is not really for flight training advertisement.


The Reverend Chas W.

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Hey Chas,


The Great One was here at Rosco's Libations & Nosh and all is well. He's westbound on his Vespa scooter & hopefully we'll see him on the rebound in a month or so.


I'll pass on the inquiry.





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