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Hey All You Lanky Pilots.

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Just wondering how all you over six footers manage to fly and what kind ad/disadvantages this involves. I'm personally 6'6 and have managed to fit into a jet ranger pilot seat although my knees kinda get in the way a bit. Riding in an a-star wasn't too bad but i never had the chance to get behind the stick (probably because i dont have a license) I've heard of some pilots developing a unique slouching pattern as well so maybe i'd better lean more towards jumbo jets, lol, i dont think so.

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I am 6'3". My legs are average length, but I have a relatively long trunk.


I had problems flying in an Ercoupe and a Swift ... in both case it was doable, but only if I get tilted away from the canopy, towards the centre of the airplane.


I fit into a Katana okay, but I quickly developed a severe backache. :(


I have flown only about one hour in each of the above types, and that was enough. :down:


I have had headroom problems with various gliders, but can usually manage to squeeze in by removing the seat cushion and just sitting on the parachute.


I'd rather seek out an aircraft that fits, than try to fit myself to the aircraft.

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I'm 6'2"//220# and I can relate to the backache in the "Plastic Lawn Dart". The Ercoupe was not bad but things like the Cessna 140 were a real pain to fold this old arthritic body into.


Now the HU-16 and a few others...like the Alleycat are easy but then try ducking into the C-45...Ouch that hurt...but then so did the T-Cart.


One of these days I'll need an Easy-lift to get me into the cockpit.....

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Yeah, I have a hard time fitting my 5'9" frame into most airplanes too.... :P


Just kidding.... I did know a fellow a while back that when we were both flying beavers who was about 6'6" who amazed me how he folded his body into it when he pushed off the dock... I ran into him a few years later when we were both at AirBC and he was Captain on a J31, that really amazed me as when I was in it I had the seat pushed all the way back... Don't know how he did it but he did...

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I'm 6'3" and managed to fold myself into a R22, and I was weighing in at 220lbs then. No fun.

I did 90% of my flight training in a Bell 206, roomier but since my left arm is pretty short I got a left sided slump while flying.

I've not had the opportunity to fly long hours (probably a 2.5 hr cross country was the longest) since I'm not working as a pilot right now. Once someone is inclined to hire me ( an enthusiastic 100 hour wonder ) I'll be sure to let you know how I feel after some of those long days :up:

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