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Union Or Not

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Seeing as a lot of canadian pilots are sitting right now here's something to ponder, maybe get you blood pumping again before that next medical.

I'd like to stir the pot a bit , seeing as I've never been a yes man, I put it out there to you my fellow pilot's. What's your feelings on the state of our industry and is a Union long overdue and should we work to be unionized . Would it help or kill it. Im curious to see the feelings and read the comments. Is it even possible to get helicopter pilots to unite or do leave it and enjoy living as mushrooms and fed nothing but ...............!

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Well Petit-Lion I appreciate your links you provided and that's all good, but it dates back to 2006 and I dont know about you but I prefer to move forward not back as it seems many have. I've been part of this Industry for 16 years so I know when times are good most pilot's do very well for themselves, but when things slow down it's not so much the fact people get laided off because that happens in any industry. The part I dont much care for is how attitudes change with operators toward pilots and maintenance personel when times are quiet. Believe me I'm not looking to unionize this industry, I just want to hear what people think and if maybe its time pilots band together collectively and work torward a common goal, and possibly start to change the attitudes to many operators have with their people that make them rich.

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