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Free Flight Training For Fixed Wing Pilots

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Knowing that gang, it's not beyond belief. I'd expect that it would be for more than a 2 year sign-up OR the wages would be so low, that the training would effectively be paid for in full anyway.

In the past, they used to start guys out at some ridiculous wage of $1,000 month and $10 hr. NO, that wasn't back in the 60's, that was during the diamond rush a few years back !


Good Luck CHL, remember, you get what you pay for !

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Excellent deal! :angry: <_< , Here we have tons of students graduating each year, and they are going to pay som "starch wingers" for their training?


Then they have the guts to tell newly minted pilots that they only hire from their own school?


If they do that, they'll loose all what I had left of respect for them. :angry:


They'll run into the same problem that we have in Northern europe, guys getting hired with tons of time, but no helicopter time, wrecking machines... :(

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Before everbody rushes off to do battle against the supposedly evil CHL could someone find out if it is true?

Ranting and raving about unproven an rumour is a waste of time and boring to boot.

Perhaps we can ask Kyle for a special CHC bashiing site as I for one am getting tired of listening to it.

No Cheers


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Let's say it is true for a second... they get a 100 hour wonder that can meet the customers needs, at least on paper. While it is not a healthy environment in for the development of Canada's future pilots is it any different than hiring foreign nationals to meet a contract need? The fact is that the customer's, consultants and insurance requirements play a far more important role in who works and who doesn't than just the actions of one company. And I work in a small company with an excellent pilot from Australia.


We all to some extent or another did whatever we had to do to get our first job, maybe CHC is doing the same thing. You don't have to agree with it but it is a fact of life in this industry.






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No CHC bashing here Shark, it's CHL, a private Quebec based company. Check out chc.ca and find out how much Craig and his highly successful team talk of their 45% minority in this small onshore company.


P.S. I suggest that if you don't like the content of a thread , THEN SIMPLY DON'T READ IT !!

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To nobody in particular. If you go back in the history of helicopters and I mean prior to 1990, you will find out that all helicopter pilots came from a fixed wing background.


Further to that, most pilots with a fixed wing background make better helicopter pilots, they have more respect for airspeed and wind direction and all around theory of flight.


I would hire an ex bush pilot with a thousand hours time + a helicopter check out before a fresh out of school helicopter only pilot.


I did it more than once and never regretted it.



Cheers, Don

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Blackmac what are You basing the pre 1990 statement that ALL helicopter pilots were ex fixed wing.

I have only been in this industry since 1972 but many of the pilots I worked with were helicopter only.




:elvis: :blur: :elvis:

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For you alone Elvis, I'll go back to the fifties as you do not seem to know much about the helicopter industry other than to make comments on what other people contribute.


Try making a positive statement instead of being negative and maybe it will be better received. Maybe I should of said 1950, but anybody who knows the industry knows what I am talking about.


I am terribly sorry for causing you so much concern, but I guess some people can only understand so much.

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