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Free Flight Training For Fixed Wing Pilots

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I think this one is probably a bad rumour. I know in 2000,01 the Eastern Division gave 4 full time guys their IFR & in a couple of cases the 212 check out as well. That was the last time it was done, since then, I think the max contribution for any kind of training is $4500 from the company.

So to think they would drop that type of $$$$ on a fixed wing driver............. I know in the east you wouldn't hear of it, now the west on the other hand???????


Personally, CHL as it is today is a slightly different operation than it was in the late 90's and in my opinion it improved since the DOBSTER & the boys don't have anything to do with the day to day ops. Now having said that, my opinion is based on working in the East where if you " Scratch my Back...I'll Scratch Yours" usually keeps both parties happy. I haven't worked in the west, but have worked along side with fellow CHL crews from the west and they seem to have more "Issues" than their counter parts in the east.


Anyways, I don't work for them anymore so I'm not going to bother with the issues and the rest of the BS........cause they're no different than the rest of them except they got too many A/C !!!

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What brought out the CHC bashing anyways?


I was just saying that I did not particularily agree to the statement.


And if CHL is doing what the rumor is, what are they telling their "100 hour wonders"? That their money is nice, but they won't hire them, 'cause the "starch wingers" (60 hour helicopter wonders), are it?


Sorry guys, I just do not like that. For you guys that have worked with and still do (CHC/CHL CH Whatever), I'm sure it's a great company, and like always, the grass is always greener... But I have never worked for them, so I could not tell. :angry:

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One of the best things that could happen to all flight schools is that they only be allowed to teach up to a private license and recreational flying.


Once a pilot wants to become a commercial pilot, he/she would have to attend a flight school recognized and funded by the federal government.


Tha actual cost of running the school would be taxed to the industry on an equitable basis.


The same criteria could be applied to AME schools and that way you would have all your robots trained to the same level, upon release.


If by chance you think this idea is crazy, how the **** do you think the militaries train their people to the same standard.


Food for thought.


Cheers, Don

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We in the military train all our folks to the same standard, true.


Such training imparts knowledge on a young cone, but the cone then goes out and becomes a pilot, nav, tech...whatever. Along the line he grows, learns, or not, and eventually goes on his/her way from our sheltered little world.


What happens next as he/she enters civilian employment is where the "military standard" runs into interpretation. We, the Air Force, no more than any other employer cannot be responsible for individuals who fail to develop personalities, common sense or any social skills for that matter.


Companies fire morons, we unfortunately cannot simply fire someone unless they commit a crime so they usually end up moved about and or promoted on totally unrelated to their original trade sort of merit. Scary thought but true.


I've met great folks in aviation, in and out of uniform. One common factor for the good guys always is their attitude, commitment and the fact that they are generally decent folks with a modicum of social skills and they love aviation. I've also also met my share of arseholes unfortunately and they lack all those desireable skill sets.


So if you come across an ex-mil guy/gal and they are decent people, they will make great employees and will learn how to do business for you. If you come across one of our unguided missiles of human imbecility, sorry, some of them just get away.....please try and put them with the morons you already have in your organisation and maybe they'll do us all a favour and go off to start a new colony on uranus.


So the "Standard" as you see remains and always will remain, the standard. Arseholes in the mirror are larger and more annoying than they appear, sorry. :unsure:;)


NOTE: No actual pilots were harmed in the making of these comments but one or two navigators had to be sacrificed. (excellent, now we can take an additional 500 lbs of jet fuel)

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Coming from somebody in the know, very well stated.



1. level of quality or excellence: the level of quality or excellence attained by somebody or something


2. level of quality accepted as norm: a level of quality or excellence that is accepted as the norm or by which actual attainments are judged ( often used in the plural).


One of my further "thinks" was civilian colleges could be set up alongside the forces in Portage for the pilots and Borden for the AME's.


The government is already picking up the "tab" on the infrastructure, why not put it to could use and only people required by the industry would be allowed to attend.


If a scenario like this was put in place a certain standard could be maintained as VR stated.


Remember this industry was started by people from the military, trained to a standard.


Then the civilian schools got involved using a Transport Canada standard which is interpeted and applied differently in every sector.

How the **** do you expect to get people trained to a given standard.


Kep the comments coming.


Cheers, Don


PS: Winnie stated that a certain company was possibly training f/w pilots to r/w pilots when their school had tons of 100hr pilots looking for jobs. Did you ever stop to think that, maybe, you are part of the problem????

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Blackmac, clarify as being part of the problem? Training Students to the 100 hr mark?


Sure we are training people, and not refusing t0 take new students, that would be idiotic, but we also never advertise that it is esy to get hired, and i ALWAYS tell the prospective student that it takes a lot of persistence and hard work to get that first job, and NOTHING is guaranteed.


If you think we as flight training institutions are amoral, then tha would have to be something we had to look at... :huh:

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Winnie, I will send you my address, if you will send me a bottle of Old Sam. What ever happened to the "Albatross" were all the stew's used to hang out, speaking about Gander,of course.


On the other subject of flight schools. There are to many and everybody is supposedly turning out the best.


Why are people waiting two years and more to find a job pushing a broom?


With the money being spent a guy/gal good become a doctor and be hired immeadiately.


When I became a helicopter pilot I had 170 hrs f/w and 25 hr checkout on a Hughes 300 and then I took another 20 operational checkout with the company and went to work flying a Bell 47G2/G2A/G4/204B when I had 1700hrs.


Last Fall I was interviewed for a job as Manager of the Ottawa Flying Club. I was asked how I was going to increase the amount of students in the school. Prior to giving my answer I asked them why they wanted to increase the amount of students??


The answer was that it offset the costs for the permanent members.


I informed the interview board that they were interviewing the wrong person and as far as I was concerned the school part of the club should be shut down for at least a year as there was already atremdous baglog of people looking for work in both the helicopter and fixed wing charter operations.


The fiasco with de-regulation and the airline industry in general did not bode well adding more people looking for work.


IMHO the private sector should not be running flight schools.




PS: On another thread somebody said to always go with the an experienced instructor.


If an instructor holds a rating he is experienced enough to give lessons.

I would state that the best thing is to always fly with the same one.

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