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Whose the Boss - yes or no answer

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If you''re not sure, send it to both.  That way you aren''t stepping on someones toes.  Make sure that you mention (by putting a c.c.or ''carbon copy'' on the cover letter) that you''re sending a copy of your resume to both. For example, write to the Ops Manager/DFO and in the address mention that a c.c. has been sent to the Chief Pilot. 





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Checking the Operations Manual will give the answer in each case.


That said, you are unlikely to get a peek at that before you send in the resume!


The "normal" org chart in a company holding a Transport Canada OC is as follows:


Ops Mgr is king of the heap on a daily basis. He is the one focal point of responsibility to Transport Canada for all safe flight aspects of the company.


Below him come the Directors. Director of Maintenance, Director of Flight Ops.


Next on the list would be the Chief Pilot. In a larger operation, there may be several Chief Pilots. An example would be where a company operated a mixture of large and small aircraft. There would be a CP for 703 Ops, and one for 704 and 705. You may also have CP''s for various types. Like CP-747, CP-A320, etc.


There ya go!

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Although different outfits dole out the responsibility in different ways, the folks carrying the titles in question are responsible for the specific matters detailed in CARs (e.g. 703 wherein it states that an applicant for an Air Operator''s Certificate must have "managerial personnel who have been approved by the Minister in accordance with the Commercial Air Service Standards, are employed on a full-time basis and perform the functions related to the following positions, namely, (i) operations manager, (ii) chief pilot ...."


There are experience and qualification minima, and an exam requiring a pretty solid capability navigating CARs and CASS. Of the outfits I''ve worked for, only one didn''t fully honor the intended assignment of responsibility and, although the CP often had more flight experience, he ALWAYS reported to the Ops Manager.


Hiring responsibility varies considerably, with the odd outfit keeping it solely in the hands of the owner, despite having others in both the other capacities.


For the price of a phone call, I''d ask the receptionist who hires pilots, and direct my application accordingly.

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