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Phpa Human Factors Safety Conference

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The Professional Helicopter Pilots Association will be sponsoring a Human Factors Safety Conference, October 15 – 17, 2004 at the Imperial Palace Hotel/Casino in Biloxi, MS.


The PHPA Human Factors Safety Conference presents a unique opportunity for both the line pilot and the safety community. This conference will include both formal presentations and moderated discussion forums between the pilots and the participating safety experts. The initial goal is to establish direct communication between pilots and those who study what we do and why we do it. We hope this format will generate fresh thinking on ways to make our profession a safer one for everyone involved. The Safety Community and Human Factors experts are already signing on to participate in this conference. Several have expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to speak directly with working line pilots. At the same time, this conference offers pilots a unique opportunity to hear from, and provide direct input to, the safety community. The ultimate goal is a significant reduction in Human Factors Mishaps which remains the leading type of helicopter accident.


If you are interested in making a presentation on Human Factors accidents, please contact Jeff Smith at JefferySmith@Autorotate.org


For more information on attending the conference go to http://www.autorotate.org/autorotate/safety2004/index.html


Please join us in this effort by pilots from around the world to make our profession a safer one.



Butch Grafton

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