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Helmet Dealers In Canada?

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I am trying to buy a new helmet. My first choice would be the gentex hgu-84. I have tried one on in the past and it was light and comfortable. I called flight suits (Gibson and Barnes) to order. My plan was to purchase an hgu-84 dual bungee visor helmet and include some upgrades to suit my specific needs. The approx cost of the helmet including accessories being $1600.00US. Unfortunately flight helmets can not be exported from the United States.

I was then referred to Kitchener aero. As they are the Canadian distributor of Gentex helmets. I called them and was quoted at $2200.00Cdn+tax for the basic hgu-84. I had expected a small price difference over the helmet from the US. But compared to a basic hgu-84 from flight suits. There is a difference of $1000.00 :angry: .

I need some other options at this point. My co-workers are using Alphas. They report mixed reviews on comfort. I also find they look kind of bulky. Although I have never worn one. Where can they be purchased in Canada? What is the approx cost of an Eagle 900 series?

I have seen some MSA Gallet lh-250's around. Where can they be purchased in Canada? What is the approx cost? Any reports on comfort and protection?

As far as I know these are the only three options for helicopter helmet protection (Gentex, Alpha & Gallet).


Thank-you for your help.

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I bought my Gallet from Merril Aparel, 2 years ago, they shipped it to me and I am a very happy costumer.

Very confortable helmet, and the service from Merrit is escellent




I shipped my helmet to a post office on the US side of the boarder for pick up. This was about 8 years ago, and not sure if you can still ship it that way. You can also buy a used one and send it back to get refurbished.


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I just purchaesd a Gallet Helmet in July from Merit Apparel in Florida and had no problem with shipping to Canada. I am very pleased with the product and would definitly recomend them



those guys have amazing customer service. very happy with my helmet (LH250), and they wouldn't let me leave the shop until I was 100% happy with my purchase. I would buy from them again.

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i had called G&B about a helmet and got the same answer and when i called the canadian distrubitor i couldnt even get the modifications i wanted made.


i called G&S back ordered it had it shipped to a friends in the US and had them ship it to me.


i love my hgu-56. lightweight, comfortable, came out to about 1800$ all said and done. dual visor with amber lens, quick disconnect, i really cant complain

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I have 2 helmets, one a Gentex SPH-5 and the other is my ALPHA Eagle. I bought the Gentex many years ago before the US State Department clamped down on cross-border shipping of kit used for military purposes. My ALPHA was purchased from Helicopter Helmets.com in the USA. I also fly with a Gentex HGU 56/P in my other job.


In regards to helmets I rate ALPHA as #1, the 56/P as #2 and the SPH-5 as #3. I had an opportunity to play with a Gallet and it was very nice and I would put it second to the ALPHA.


My understanding is that Kitchener Aero is a Gentex distributor and not a tech support facility. Helmets.com provided phenomenal service and after-purchase customer support (they also sell Gentex and Gallet). In regards to Gallet, Vector Aerospace in Langley, BC was a distributor about 3-4 years ago, but I don't know if that's still the case.


I rate my ALPHA as top of the list due to dual visor (superb quality polycarb), very slick visor actuator levers, an adjustable ratchet nape strap while wearing the helmet, adjustable earphone volume control, earcup tensioning, first rate chinstrap buckle. It has a larger profile than most other helmets, but it's not any heavier and it's easy to fit.


Good luck.

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