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Helmet Dealers In Canada?

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No one has mentioned Helicopter Helmets web site, helicopterhelmets.com Got my Gallet from them a few years ago. Love it. Very nicely furnished for $1600.00 US. If your still having problems drop me a line, considering I live in the States but family is still in Canada I travel back and forth alot.




My experience with this guy weren't the best. He ignored specs on the order and left me at "If you don't like it, send it back".

Customer Service starts right at the order and spares out this kind of communication.

For a Gallet go with Merit Apparel, it's worth a few bucks more. They seem to care about their customers.



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Heck I cant even get my head into a jetbox window even with no helmet on it isnt the helmets fault the window is not large enough. Dont waste your money on a new helmet buy a screwdriver and take the

I bought the Alpha (military green - I LOVE it!) from Gibson & Barnes in 2009 and had no issues with them shipping to Canada. They even ended up paying for shipping due to a delay in my order! Don't remember how much I paid, but even after the exchange it was way cheaper than buying the helmet in Canada.


Apparently Highland supplies Alpha's for their pilots, and the base pilots in the town I was in were kind enough to let me try a variety of sizes (much better than using the head measuring tool they send you) before I made my final decision.


I find the Alpha very comfortable to wear, but agree that it does seem a bit bigger than the Gallet. Being tall, I generally have to slouch and we have one LR where I found it easier to wear a headset instead. Before purchase I had I tried my boss's Gallet as well and found it too wide for my head - sometime when I find myself with some extra cash to burn I wouldn't mind trying on a few different sizes of Gallet to see if I still feel the same way.


My only real complaint with the Alpha was with the flex-boom mike I ended up with - the boom was horribly stiff and wouldn't retain the mike anywhere near my mouth. I ended up swapping it out for a DC metal boom and that problem got sorted out in a hurry.



tin lizzie

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Gallet LH050 For Sale


Condition: New (Unused)

Spec: Size Large, matt grey, grey/smoke visor, 3' coil cord, helmet mounted volume control, 300 ohm earphones, electret mic w/ wire boom.




Great helmet. Genuine reason for sale.


Message for more details.

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