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Fire Season In Canada

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The season "generally" starts in early May (give or take a month) and "generally" is done by mid-september, although in exceptional years can run well into October. I use "generally" a lot because there are numerous exceptions, but these ranges hold if you look back over the last couple of decades.



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The fire season in Saskatchewan was one of the slowest ever. The province had several large fires up in the far north that were under observation but the southern portion of the forest saw little to no fires at all.


Today is the last day of our 90 day contract and we didn't even break the 60 hour mark for the duration. How is that for lack of activity? All summer, we fought boredom much more than we fought fires... Well, there's always next year...

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####....that fire in Alberta in Nov. was also actioned by a buddy of mine flying a Midwest 204...they got lost in the snow storm...running low on fuel they had to park in a swamp overnight...just about froze to death sleeping in the bell hotel...had to call in a machine in the a.m. for fuel...me thinks that was the last time he worked for AFS....his choice I believe....think they were working out of MacMurry..... :up: :lol:

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