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Transborder Flights

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Dude, it's a little more complicated than that:


I have posted a link to US Customs and Border Protection. Read through this, you must fill out a these forms (you are entering the US as a private aircraft unless you are taking passengers across so don't get this confused with a commercial aircraft) They will ask for a US Customs Decal, but is not necessary, they may ask you to purchase one when you land in the USA.


Be sure to file a NAV CANADA FLIGHT PLAN prior to crossing ADVISING CUSTOMS does not constitude this!!


You will have to clear at one of the Port's of Entry listed in their site, so we usually phone the Port ahead of time to ensure they recieved our internet request from the above website. (you will be given a reference number after completion of the internet form) This lets you know they recieved your request, as well you can confirm they will be there, as some Ports of Entry are only manned for limited periods of time or on request.


Check for TFR's (Temp Flight Restrictions) as the US moves their President around they close off airspace all around him.





Hope this helps.




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Thata boy Rex! that should help.....that sounds like pure routine! ha ha


The Presidential TFRs are a real thing as they seem to be making them bigger and bigger every month as was the case recently according to CNRN.

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In addition to a flight plan and customs decal, you have to file a report using the via Private eApis system not to be confused with the commercial eApis system.




This page has all the links including the ability to purchase a decal online. Proof of purchase is all you need otherwise you will be buying it on arrival.


eApis requires prior registration of the user and the aircraft and it will not happen in a matter of hours. I think I turned mine around in a couple of days. It's a pain initially, but once you are set up you can use it for any private aircraft you drive across the line.


Don't forget you require a flight plan and discreet transponder code when crossing the border. Also never assume eApis transmission. Call the customs port of entry and advise them (actually ask them if you can come visit) of ETA etc. and confirmation of eApis.


eApis is required inbound AND outbound.

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Regardless it is not a commercial flight. To operate commercially into the US as a CDN operator is a whole different kettle of fish outside of NAFTA. And just a little heads up, DO NOT GO THROUGH BELLINGHAM. US operators avoid KBLI like the plague never mind Canadians. Simply apply for a private eapis and you will be fine. If the aircraft is registered commercially I would reccomend a letter from the company authorizing you to ferry the aircraft and the purpose of the flight.


If you are having maintenance done you will require a customs broker in Canada on your return. Don't forget that CANPASS requires two hours advance notice.

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You should be aware that eApis (border protection) will want to know within a 15 minute window when and where you are going to cross the border...works out to 30 min ..its a bit confusing...15 min before to 15 min after...if you can't make this time slot they sugest you go home...as if you screw up with the times and cross the border and land the fine is 5 grand the first time... :rolleyes: they really do not want cross border flights...privately anyways...have been crossing back and forth for 10 years...it was real easy until last may when the eApis requirement went in to effect...have a nice trip :P

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File you eapis; file a flight plan; make sure you have a discreet transponder code for crossing the border (this will typically be provided by the FSS or the ATC agency you are departing with); phone CanPass a minimum of two hours in advance. They will look for an ETA +/- 15 minutes. Advise them about the work done on the aircraft and if possible have the customs broker get the brokerage clearance number in advance. If they don't come to greet you on arrival, make sure you note the customs clearance number should you ever be queried (I always put it in the journey log). Make sure you close your flight plan!

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