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Ramp Checks

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It has been some years since I have flown for a Commercial Operation here in Canada so my exposure to ramp checks are limited.


I was talking to a friend today who flys commercially and he was telling me he has been ramp checked three times this year by the same TC people and flying the same airplane.( I believe the three checks were at the same airoport as well.)


So here is my question.


By law we must show the required documents on demand by a TC inspector, a RCMP or a Immigration and Custome person, I believe.


Outside of showing the required documents what does everyone else do?


If I am stopped by a police officer on the road I have the right to not answer any questions without legal council present.


Also unless the police officer has reason to believe I have committed an offense I cannot be unreasonably detained without being advised of what law I am believed to have broken.


Where do we stand with TC on a ramp check, having shown the documents can they detain us without reason to believe we have committed an offense? And do you allow them access to your airplane or property?


By the way I have researched CAR''s and the Aeronautics Act on this subject and I think I know what to do, however I am courious as to what the rest of you think about ramp checks.


Mostly because of the story my friend told me today.


Cat Driver:

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