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Laser Eye Overhaul

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I had Lasik done 2 years ago. Best thing I've ever done and only lost my medical for 3 months (I was taking time off anyway). Booked myself a hotel room 2 blocks from the clinic, had the surgery in the afternoon spent the night, and drove myself home the next morning. Life is much better and my eyes turned out 20/15!!!!!!

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LASIK was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I am a mother of a 3 year old and a 1 year old and that means a lot of waking up in the middle of the night. This translated to sleeping in my contacts so that I could see what I was doing when I had to check on my kids; after 20 years, it was starting to take a toll on the health of my eyes. Dr. Wiles well his a surgeon at LASIK-1, is so informative and has such a calm demeanor; he put me at ease even though I was nervous about the procedure. He went through all of the steps involved in the treatment so that I knew exactly what to expect. I appreciate everything he has done to make my vision what it is today. I can now see 20/20 with no help.


Correct me if I am wrong but the above post screams blatent advertising plug. :blink:


First post, built in link....


just sayin.

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I had Custom Intralase performed at TLC at the University of Waterloo Dec 14. Before I had it done, I had a lengthy discussion with one of the head CAME's in Toronto. Initially it was supposed to be a 3 month suspension, but he did some more research into it for me and called me back the next day. He said I could be back in the air in 1 month provided I get an OK from my own CAME. Since I can see better than I could with glasses, I don't expect any problems.


I think TLC did a fantastic job for me. I was 20/15 24 hours after the surgery and still haven't had any night problems.


Like Harmonic Vibe, I also have really dry eyes. TLC did a dryness test where they put orange coloured drops in my eyes and count how long it takes them to dissipate. Mine were gone in 8 seconds compared to 10 which is considered average. They were very blunt with me, no BS whatsoever. The Doc even said I could go blind from infection. He was giving me the facts and wasn't trying to sell anything, which ironically, is what sold me. I spent almost 2 hours there actually talking and being examined and had to go back a second time because they wanted to look closer at a spot in the back of my eye. (which turned out to be a freckle.)


Back to the dryness issue, since the surgery, I've avoided things that dehydrate me or cause dry eyes - things like drinking alcohol, smoking, coffee for the first week, heater in the car blowing in my face, playing video games etc.


I'm not trying to get anyone to go to TLC, I get nothing from it. They have only one price for everyone - $4500. It's expensive.


I had my first evaluation done at "Lasik MD" in Toronto because they were advertising prices starting at $490 per eye. I was evaluated for about 20 minutes max, including question time. They didn't dilate my eyes and had no idea about the freckle. They did have several different price packages depending on what I wanted to have done. A "puppy mill" in my opinion. Even their most expensive option was cheaper than TLC.


You only have two eyes and ya kinda need them to fly. Do your research and don't cheap out.


Best money I ever spent.


Questions? PM me




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Current TC national policy is minimum 3 months. All of the forms your ophtalmologist fills out go to the same office in Ottawa, there's no regional link here. I had it done in May 1999 (PRK both eyes). I wasn't a pilot at the time. My CAME tells me if I ever have a touch-up done, to have the operating ophtalmologist fill out the form and then have her give it a look before submitting it to Ottawa. Apparently, some ophtalmologists have a habit of not filling them in correctly, resulting in suspensions of up to a year for no reason, and once TC sets the time frame, there's no appealing it... :shock:


The latest and greatest technique offered right now is Wavefront Intralasik. The Wavefront part calculates needed corrections from actual corneal measurements and the Intralasik part does the correction without the need for cutting a flap on the surface of the cornea, therefore no contact...

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Intralase or Intralasik uses a laser to cut the flap instead of a blade. So its still Lasik and there is a flap cut. The laser removes less tissue than the blade so its supposed to be better but its pretty new technology. Kinda like an 'A' model I guess.


Theres lots of good info on wikipedia.

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A question...


The Lasik operations that the forum contributors have had, are they for short near-sightedness or far-sightedness, and can it be done for the dreaded old person condition, "my arms are getting too short and I need reading glasses now"? B)


FYI: Had it done 2yrs ago (wife also) no problems.


Cheers, Don


http://focuseye.com/ :punk: :punk:

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