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Finding Helicopter Fuel Burn Rates

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Hi GB,


Here are some numbers I use. Don't know that they're published anywhere...

Jet Ranger- 25gals/hr

Long Ranger - 250 lbs/hr

A-Star BA/B2 - 300 lbs/hr


Curious to see what others have to say.





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On the AS350B2, we use 40gal/hr or about 200 liter/hour. (About 1 drum.)




Personal experience.


Okay.....multiply that X 13, and you come up with a "cranes" fuel consumption !! :shock:


As said, "personal experience"! ;)

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If you can look in the engine manufacturers manual, you'll most likely find the fuel burn rates in the description section, these are the bench rates of the engine usually at MCP and are not helicopter specific. Only experience or a flowmeter will give you a better idea.



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212 is kinda neat, if you are pulling 65% torque= generally speaking 650lbs/hr. Just add a zero to the torque and it works out nicely in cruise within reason and barring certain altitude and temp differences of course


A119 works out to about 440lbs/hr in cruise. 390ish skiing and bucketing.

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