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New Garmin Gps Touch Screen

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Hey everyone,


Just wondering peoples thaughts on this. Our company just got some new Garmin area500 touch screen GPS. We are having some issues with them in the cold and it has a new type of data transfer system that dosen't seem to work with all our clients computer programs.


Also, Garmin seems to have discontinued their 296 and other 96 models. Anyone suggest a new GPS? Perhaps not a touch screen.



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I bought an Aera 500 in January and have had no problems in the cold. I have had it down to about -30C during the day but was hangared at night with my helmet. There certainly are some software glitches that Garmin is well aware of, such as if uploading from a computer the waypoints won't show up on the screen but are still in the memory. If hand inputted the waypoints will be on the screen though. I have been told multiple times that a patch is coming. My wife bought me a combination pen/stylus that really helps with the touch screen. Although not quite as user friendly as the 196/296 series I am still very pleased with mine.

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I'm just doing a review of the 500 for a magazine and it doesn't come out well against the AV8OR, for example. Well built, but the screen is nowhere near as configurable as the x96 series, and the information shown is sadly lacking - you have to keep pushing buttons to get what you want, and the menu system is not well thought out either.


Thanks for the heads up about software.



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wow I had never even heard of the AV8OR before. After checking it out it looks like a pretty awesome unit, especially for only 600 US. Anyone know if you can get topo maps for it?



That thing does look pretty good!! So cheap you cant afford not to buy one.... :lol:

I had my 296 stolen so I need something new...I will be check this one out. Thanks for tip Phil!

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I have had the 560 and used it for about a week and returned it, not as user friendly as the 296 496.

to lock in a way point as your over flying it, you have to go through about 3 screens to do it, by that time your past it, I like the quick one button push to lock in a waypoint.

touch screen was a royal pain when trying to scan the map by moving it with your finger map would jump from Alberta to the Pacific ocean and just found I was fighting with it to much. Gotta pull off your gloves to use it because you just can't operate it properly with gloves on, I think garmin dropped the ball and made there good and easy product into something more difficult.

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