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false Indications

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407 driver!!!

Please more details and a bit more exactly!!

Do you mean de 206 was nose down??I think that I have heard that if you have an engine failure in the hover with lots of power the first thing is that the nouse goes down????with the yaw of corse!!!

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Bruised armpit,

Not too sure whom you have been flying with but disconnecting the low rotor horn? Never heard of any operater doing that! As CTD put it....very stupid! A quick pen mark in the journey log." Low rotor horn unservicable."

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I had a 206 engine fail in the hover at max power, there was NO problem determining that a power loss had occured. Suddenly, and I mean really suddenly, we were looking straight out the windshield at a view that used to be 90 degrees out the passenger window.

I''m not sure if the horns or the screaming was louder....

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What they had in the past doesn''t matter, but if it came with it and references are made in the RFM, you must have it installed and working.


A 1965 Ford pick-up didn''t come with seat belts, and if you drive one today, you don''t need a seat belt. But don''t try it in you 2003 model.

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A think, a thought, a bright lite just illuminated over my monitor. Years ago a 205 owned by one of the Rockiefellers was fying near some power lines and the overspeed governor (engine)was actuated and put the engine RPM back to flite idle.

The overspeed governor could be de-activated by pulling the circuit breaker.

I have lots of time on 2 by 4-5-212 and never heard of pulling low rotor rpm CB.



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