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false Indications

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The lightweight warning system is fully operational, as per the type certificate. Unfortunately during my hop in Vancouver the light did go on, and was confirmed with the "puppy" guage, which was planted in the red, further confirmed by the "being a real man" pressure indicatior, you guessed it....way low. When it all goes wrong, it happens all at once.

I''m lucky to still have a job. We ened up raiding the minibar in my bosses room. Solving the problems of the world with some other owner types, when the boss decides it fight night and want''s a piece of me Needless to say that I slammed the lad, to the tune of the guy that signs my cheques, in the can coughing up a lung. I knew that it was going wrong when I had him tied in a knot, and his head turned purple

The chain of events leading up to being a halfmiler. My decision making process has been sent in for overhaul, hopefully this will solve any lightweight malfunctions in the future.

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Most sincere apologies...I did mean ''Engine Out'' horn.  Brain Fart.

I was just wondering how common this is or are people using breakers or switches?


CTD  I couldn''t agree more. As for the words to describe, I hear the moderator is out of action.  Spew away!


T-Rex  I did establish that everybody agrees (for a change) that ''Low Rotor Horn Deactivated'' is not common, or wise. right? (always a bright side)


Flinger  Yeah, yeah, yeah...duh. When can I expect you and your Jedi Master?  BBQ?  Flying in? As for that A-Team reference....too much TV makes Flinger a dull boy!  I guess that would make you Murdock, fool!


4961  Thanks for the tidbit/bailout.  Sounds like your next up for that big promotion!  Nothing like some drunken chest beating to impress the boss!

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Mr. T, I was dumming it down for you. I know you hate it when you get left behind on here all the time... That''s why I''m your pal. Keepin it simple.


I''m not sure on the trip with Yoda.. It changes everytime I talk to him. Got a trip to Winsor yesturday to do a controlled burn with the MNR. Pretty cool. Thats the good news, bad news is insurance. Not gonna happen. Looks like I''m goin nowhere.


On that note, if anyone out there knows of a position for a 400hr guy who works like a mofo, lemme know.


busta rhymes

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