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false Indications

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CTD...I didn''t say anyone should deactivate the caution system while flying...only that it is possible to do this on the older a/c to do ground checks without the horn blaring away...the old jetboxes don''t have the mute switch...and because of this system low voltage causes lots of weird lights and/or indications...sorry for the confusion...and yes the old 206''s don''t have a low rotor warning system from the factory...until # 700 and up...this is a reasonable guess...happy trails...

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Sorry,CTD...thought that one was for me...and yes,had the bike out yesterday afer putting in a new battery...can''t get more than two years out of a battery...even trickle charge them...seems to be a waste of time...was up to Cedars for recurrent a few weeks ago...had the L4 all apart...should be up and running tomorrow...407 is running great...ready for the first fires to start.

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DGP ---This is the 'hazing' routine, eons ago, for newly endorsed 206 pilots:


1) Open battery compartment, reach in back and pull c/b for Hobbs Meter.


2) NFG gets in and does/does not do pre-flight cockpit check.


3) The instant battery switch is turned on, 'Engine Out' horn starts yelling and no matter what pilot does, horn cannot be shut off. Finally, pilot shuts off battery switch and returns to deadly silence.


4) Pilot looks out windows to see many grinning 'crocodiles'...AND they won't tell him how to fix problem (not done with client waiting or onboard, of course).


WARNING: Hazing of this type now considered 'unprofessional behaviour' and not condusive to job longevity.




N2 'goin south quickly, lots more pedal required RIGHT NOW and a 'sinkin feelin', kinda indicates to me that 'the fecal matter has hit the oscillating air conditioner'. They ain't called 'idiot lites' for no reason. Then again, I have a habit of checking my Q and N2 guages until I'm stable at cruise with altitude. Geez, I wonder if that's changin' too? 9.gif


You can stop laughing now and go check the local dealership for the 2004's. They hit most of the showrooms April 21st. 9.gif

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4961, regarding the low rotor horn.

I have many hours in 206A s/n 19 with the low rotor rpm warning horn serviceable.


You will not find a 206 in Canada without a low rotor rpm warning horn and an auto relight system. they are part of the TC STC approval and both are required functional for legal flight!

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VR...you,re probabaly right...but i''m sure over the last 20 years a lot of us have flown an old jetbox that didn''t have a low rotor system...I know I have...must have slipped thru the TC cracks...in fact I had to install the system in a couple of those relics....one of them was flogging around out in the rocks for that outfit thats nolonger around...sure someone else is still driving her...

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