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Borescope Recommendations


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Thanks Three Per


Does the 4.6 mm work with the guide tool? or should I look at the 3.3mm?




These Machida borescopes work quite well and are able to accept a small flashlight "like" light source that runs on 2 CR123 batteries. They come in a nice pelican case with everything you need and provide a nice high quality image.



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From my limited experience with boroscopes.... smaller is better. the guide tool helps you get the scope in the vicinity,, but video quality suffers. If you can get the bigger diameter scope to fit and suit all other boroscopes needs, then the bigger diameter will give better visual results. What happens down the road when they want you to scope some other internal guts the bigger probe doesn't fit? These scopes are spendy. so picking the one with the most options may be the better choice. It's a tough call S... but my money would be on the smaller size 'just in case ' Quality cost money.... but having worked at a place who bought a very expensive boroscope and didn't fit into the Ariel engine,, it was money poorly spent because they then had to fork out similar bucks for a new kit that would work. So what did they save?. chose wisely and buy one scope that will do all. Go for quality. you will save the company money by spending bigger money initially.

I know you will do the right thing. Its in your nature.

I hope the kids are doing well. I'm in Manning,, come visit.


Cheers, S..





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