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Pilot Contract Rates? Help!

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Before anyone embarks into the "contract" world of this industry, I would suggest you do your homework prior, not here on a forum!


This is not a criticism....just a fact. Rates vary widely based on.......... supply and demand, experience, and "short term" (or perhaps long term), requirements from the operator and customers(s).


What type of work? How long? What season? Where? What rotation? What "contract" terms and conditions (fine print)? Travel cost responsiblities, Workers Comp, tax requirements, incorporation needs, initial training, sick or injury leave, and last but not least.....breach of contract! What if you work also for another company......what if you cause an accident?


I could list more.....but I could ramble on waaaaaayyyy too long.


Be sure you get "good" advice from a professional (lawyer and accountant). Do your homework.


A handshake "gentlemans agreement", only works well until something goes wrong.


Understand what "CYA" truely means.


Good luck and happy flying!


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Agree with H56 100% Gentlemans handshake implies that both parties are capable of keeping good to thier word. Given the general shortage of actual gentleman here in the 21st century personally I would get it in writing and consider the hole term Gentleman completeley functus.


But here is what I can tell ya based what I have been charging and getting.


Astar- Alberta ( 4000-5000 per month+ $70-$85 per hour) Mins apply if the machine is getting em. or 150 per hour. Straight horly


Medium 205-212- $200 per hour straight hourly - mins when on.

+ all the other crap perdiem etc.


Last year I was getting $150 per hour straight on a 206 in BC.


Contract means you are invoicing+GST. otherwise if being put on the company books and dectuctions at source this is NOT contract its full time or seasonal. Unless you have a written employment contract... Good luck with that!


A faviorite maneuver is to offer you a full time job then lay you off in the fall, you make alot less this way but providing you can get the min EI hours there is 1600 per month for the rest of the year. personally I think pilots should be treated under the same rules as fisherman and seasonal work. Oh well.



Good luck- Rates vary.



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