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Caso Help?

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Hello all,


As someone who is new to the position of CASO to a company having very little material to work with, I was hoping someone could share with me some sources of information that would facilitate my getting started.

We have a CASO course in mind (www.gjbconsulting.com) although there is no availability until mid-late June, and I'd like to get a head start.

I'm looking for any sort of help with programs, websites, documents, templates (for incident reports, incident tracking or organization spreadsheets, etc).


I'm new to this role and really want to run with it. Hopefully someone out there can lend me a little guidance?



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I would suggest that you get familiar with the Transport Canada SMS Website - you can download a boatload of guidance material which includes most of what you require.


I would also recommend www.suresafe.org for your SMS/CASO course. They will provide you with the knowledge and all of the examples for setting up your systems.

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We're in the process of implementing a CASO course here, but it is in SW Ontario.


As far as websites, www.tsb.gc.ca is a good one!


TC seems to be willing to give extensions and exemptions to companies without a CASO.


Most CASO courses are aimed at the larger airline/commuter style company, and not the smaller helicopter operators.




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