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Flight Time Vs. Air Time In Helicopter Training


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Perfect...just perfect! I start my flight training on Monday and then this happens. Bloody ****!!!! :down: Is this going into affect right now, or does TC take it's sweet *** time putting in place new laws and amendments like every other agency? All I need is a 4 month window baby! ;)

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That being said, does this mean that some of the things that happen in a helicopter before its skids leave the ground complettly (ie. Ground Resonance and Uncontrolled yaw sitting on icy ramps) aren't as likely to transform a helicopter into a paperwieght?


And worse yet, did this descion come about because somebody started up their robby, and just sat on the ground for 100 hours watching the rotors spin? or that some school let them?


Obviously a 1.0 hour flight isnt 1.0 in the air, but are you not just as much the PIC when the aircraft is sitting on the ground running? Im sure everyone here at some point has gotten the email with the picture of a seminol that another pilot had taxied into because he wasnt paying attention.


I understand that Transport has to keep a close watch on flight training to make sure everyone entering the workforce (or trying to) is up to snuff, for our safty and for the passengers/public, and for that I thank them.. but this has got to be a case of over-regulating...


As always, my most humble of opinions..



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Perhaps now we don't have to sit behind the controls as a "PIC" when it is running, leaving us free to fuel up, have lunch, 'water' the grass, visit with your buddy by the fence, or just get away from the noise for a bit. :rolleyes:


Wonder how transport would feel about that? :o


Can't be to much difference in training than in real life operations I would think. Will it be the same during recurrent training as well...?


Seems like another government, well thought out, solution to a non exsistant problem. Wonder if I will have to go back and make all the training hours I missed out on? My 11,000 plus hours and experience must really be in question at this point. :shock:


Wouldn't it be nice if transport could get a real job instead of annoying those who do..... :lol:

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HOBSING? Wasn't he the cook in " Bonanza"?

Tdawe and Skidsup - well said.

Ryan - perhaps a pointed question to your flight school, all honourable and honest men and women , I am sure, as to what exactly you pay for and what you can log in view of this latest news would be in order.


Just a question but - where did this problem suddenly arise from?

Did someone complain, perhaps with great justification, that they were being ripped off?

Did a failed ride lead to questions being asked?



It really smells like someone in an office with too much time on their hands.

I may be wrong but that would not suprise me, I often am.



Just a comment.



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so then if hobsing was being regulated by TC while cooking at the ponderosa, would that mean he could only log CIC (cook in charge) time while the veggies were actually in the wok and the time spent chopping and dicing would then be pre-cook time and not allowable??? :blink:


i'm thinking ben, hoss, and little joe would have something to say about that!!! :o

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