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Bobby Got Him Self A 206!


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Well its official, Premier has a new (it's my first so I get to call it new) Bell 206 B!


I'm totally pumped and would like to thank all of the board’s members for the support in helping with Premier's success! Also a special thank you to everyone who had the guts to take a risk with the "NEW" guys (you know who you are).


The last 4 years have been a lot of work, but I am so glad to see our industry has recognized the extra effort our students and staff put in!


I really could not be happier today!






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Rob, can you do full downs in that thing?




With all the coments being made around here lately I am so tempted to make my usal smart !@#$ responce but I realy meant the thank you part so I will hold back.


The 206 is a great addition to my teaching tool kit, you should have seen the look in my students eyes when I took 4 of them for a ride and the TQ was at 90% in the hover! I think I sould be able to do full on auto's, although I only do a few thousand a year so I might need some practice.


Hey, maybe I should look up a school from down south for some pointers! :P:D :up:

Damit, I had to say, just can't keep the smartass quiet, sorry!



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