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Longranger Advice

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If you have the "low smoke" combustion liner installed, the engine will smoke at ground idle below -5 deg.C. Don't panic but read the service letter from Rolls Royce. 70% N1 stops smoking. This is normal- 407 similar.

Also start sounds different with this liner- muffled sounds as engine winds up and you think something is wrong.

After several phone calls to Rolls Royce in Washington, it was explained to us and all was O.K.


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I agree with you about the smokless liner. I just recently flew one and it got my attention! The sound on start up is WAY different and the benefits to the rear doghouse are obvious!

I don't think looking for a fuel pressure drop on start is as important with that liner, but probably not a bad habit to get into.

It used to get my attention longlining with a L-3 when you are hanging out the door and you would catch movement in the corner of your eye and it was "old smokey" just doing what it does.

As far as the beeping thing goes...It wasn't advice but more of an observation.I understand one must be careful when posting on a public forum as it could be taken as gospel. It is NOT a standard practice but if you don't "play" with a ship you really don't know.

Case in point...there was an A-Star incident a few years ago in B.C. and the engineer stated that the pilot probably didn't have the throttle open wide on take off.

Well I "played with it" and the engineer couldn't have been more wrong. Won't get into it, but if you don't find out for yourself in a safe environment then it's all heresay.

Oh ..O.K. don't try this at home kids...right?


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I can't believed I survived 1800hrs in Longrangers after reading all this... everybody calm the fark down.


The fuel system is a no-brainer. Read the Flight Manual and listen for fuel transfer by removing the cap and hearing the splashing = good airmanship.


Don't beep your NR down - like the boys above said: it reduces your TR effectiveness DRAMATICALLY ON ANY AIRCRAFT and is totally un-necessary = poor airmanship.


Like it was said - its a machine you massage around the sky, its not a 407 or Astar but it is 1000% reliable, stoic and dependable. TR authority isn't an issue. I've driven them beyond 15,000ft (won't say more) and landed the L3 at 13,500ft, longlined with 200ft plus in 38 degrees and 75% humidity, flogged on around the interior and coastal mountains at max AUW and trusted it with my butt.


It will teach you to fly. You will jump into an Astar or 407 next and marvel at the amount of collective you can pull.

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Just for the books as I had stated for temps normally below -20/-25 in staight cruise, I would NOT recommend beeping down either climbing out of a hole or in other situations. the 206L series is not a medium and even with them it is very selective on the right situation.

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Lets not screw up the medium pilots either......

Its my understanding that the whole beep down trick only worked on 204's and 205's with symetrical blades. Asymetric 212 blades like speed, keep it at 100%.


In all cases, you're too heavy, do two trips. Especially if you're new to type!!!!!!


I loved my time in the L's, enjoy the nice smooth ride.

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The first L I ever saw was an L1 with the c28 in it...it was new...owned by sealand heli..was in the Peg doing cold weather testing...Duh...winnpeg in january...was only -40..the first L that I flew was an L1 with the c28...it had been owned by circus/circus...it hit winnipeg and then I took it to churchill...guess how the heater worked after being in vegas...you guessed it...what heater..did not stay there long..the heater relay burned up trying to turn a motor that had never been used...machine ended up at the bartmans base....his favourite line for that machine was that piece of crap won't lift a weiner off a plate...bart got rid of it...I was flying another L1 in the flood of the century in winterpeg slinging old cars for a brakewall...some military dudes flew by in their nice shiny 412 and called up on the radio and said what are you doing down there...I said not turning fuel into noise..they took the hint...got to fly a L1 converted to an L3 with the c30..flew them a lot..this particular L had a complete ifr dash with auto pilot..the dash went from window to window and you could hardly see out of the chin bubble...it had almost the same reg as one of the L's that dnr had in timmins and guess were I ended up on fires....was on the fire at Whatabig lake...next thing I was up on the hudson bay coast and we meet up again...the same summer...same two L's...end up in a camp just east of churchill...what a party...have flown L4 for over 10 years...but cannot beat the 407 that I have flown for last 10 years as well..cheers :rolleyes::lol:

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