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The other thing I've run into was the way they licence their engineers. We have M1 M2... covers everything with the requirement to have a type course ...


NZ and Aus have lots of different (not sure the exact number) licence classifications.. as a crude example(not real) They will have a M5 which is Avionics class 3... with that you can change an igniter-plug but not the exciter box... for that you need an M6 which is avionics class 2. ect. You get the idea.


To sign out an entire helicopter of one type, you'd need 3-5 different licence ratings. Anybody out there have anything more current than my experience?

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In Australia you only need to to be licenced in order to sign out maintenance & inspections on a maintenance release, which is why we have the terms LAME(Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) & AME(Aircraft Maintenance Engineer). I am a pilot, & as a Qualified Mechanical Fitter with many years of Heavy Earthmoving maintenance experience I was able to work under supervision in a Helicopter maintenance facility for years. Bored me to tears so I never pursued the exams!

Try ringing some companies (they'll know the rules better than me) & see if you can get in as an AME, then once you're established in country you can work on sitting the exams to become licenced.

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