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Tilt-rotor Opps

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Hey Kramer,


You got me thinking about the whole downwash comparison thing so I did a little Google oriented research.



Gross Wt. - 27 775 lbs

Rotor Diameter - 52 ft


V22 Osprey

Gross Wt. (Vert Flt) - 52 870 lbs

Rotor Diameter - 37 ft each


So basically the V22 lifts double the wt of the Kamov but with two separate rotor disk areas. Essentially each rotor disk is lifting about the same amount, BUT the rotor disk of the V22 is 10 ft smaller.


Compact rotor disk = DESTRUCTION!!!

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WOW, that looks like a great idea. Let's land this thing right over top of all these bystanders, underneath these trees that we'll knock over with our downwash and see how many we can send to the hospital.

Maybe that operation could've been handled a little differently without causing damage and injury, just maybe.

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I saw a video the other day about the...from under the trees....pretty brutal. I can just picture the pilot setting it down humming "Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind....." oblivious to what's going on in the background.........

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